Soundless’ Final Show

Sunday night was a sad night because Soundless had their final show 😦

The last time I wrote about Soundless was after I went to their FANTASTIC, jam-packed, CD Release Show in March.

The members of this indie pop/post rock band are my friend Amber Sebastian (vocals), Sara Wexler (drums, vocals, keyboard), Dan Fitch (guitar, vocals, drums), and Ben Fitch (bass, vocals).


Soundless (Amber Sebastian, Dan Fitch, Sara Wexler, Ben Fitch) – High Noon Saloon

On Sunday, Soundless sounded AMAZING, as usual!  Amber Sebastian’s beautiful, powerful vocals combined with the spectacular music created by Soundless’ talented instrumentalists allowed Soundless to rock the stage one last time.

So, what’s next for the members of Soundless? I’m going to interview Amber Sebastian about her band. Stay tuned for the answers on an upcoming blog post! 🙂

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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