Behind the Song: “The Hardest Thing”

Last week, I shared with you my FIRST NEW SONG, since the release of my debut album, TEMPTATION.

In case you haven’t heard my new song, “The Hardest Thing,” you can check it out here:

Since people interpret songs differently, I enjoy sharing with you the story that I am telling in my songs.

“The Hardest Thing” is a song about high school sweethearts who don’t last.

The first verse goes as follows:

When she was a little girl,
She dreamed that she’d
Find the man of her dreams
At age sweet sixteen.
Sure enough she met him.
He was as perfect as can be.
Little did she know she’d leave him.
Her last words to him would be:

As a child, the girl in the relationship fantasizes that she will be just like the princesses in fairy tales who go off and marry the first prince that they fall in love with. As chance would have it, the first person that she dates is an absolutely wonderful boy who is head-over-heels in love with her. They are so in love with each other that, although they are just teenagers, they imagine spending their entire lives together.

The chorus of the song comes next and tells us what the girl would eventually tell her high school sweetheart, but at this point in their relationship, she has no idea that she will be breaking up with her first love.

The chorus is as follows:

The hardest thing for me to do
Is to say goodbye to you.
The hardest thing for me to do
Is to say goodbye to you.

The second verse is as follows:

He always brought her flowers
And treated her respectfully.
But she felt something was missing
And knew she’d hurt this boy who’s oh so sweet.
She couldn’t explain why her feelings changed.
She thought he was the man of her dreams.
She had to muster the courage to tell him the words
That would set him free:

The second verse talks about how this boy is so in love with his high school sweetheart and does everything he possibly can to keep her happy and treat her well, including regularly giving her flowers, not just for special occasions, just because he loves her more than anything. At this point in the relationship, the girl is starting to have doubts. She doesn’t understand why, but she no longer can imagine spending her life with him. He is the sweetest boy she has ever met and doesn’t want to be the first person to hurt him. The second time the chorus comes, she is practicing what she is going to tell him when she becomes brave enough to tell him the truth.

The third verse is as follows:

He showed up holding flowers,
And tears formed in her eyes.
He held her close and asked her,
“Why do you cry?”
She told him, “I really love you,
But there’s something missing inside.
You deserve to be happy,
And that’s why I must say goodbye.”

In the third verse, he comes to see her with flowers in his hand, not because it is a special occasion but just because he loves her. When she sees her sweet boyfriend with his kind gesture, she begins crying. She is afraid to tell him what he needs to know. He gets concerned when he sees her crying and embraces her. He asks her what is wrong, and she tells him something earth-shattering. She explains that she loves him but that there is something missing that is keeping her from wanting him to be the one she spends the rest of her life with. All she wants is for this boy to be happy and to find someone who loves him with everything she has, someone who can give him what his high school sweetheart cannot. The chorus is a continuation of what she tells him.

The bridge is as follows:

And she walked away,
Tears streaming down his face.
Watching the love of his life disappear,
As her last words ring in his ears:

At this point, the girl has told her high school sweetheart everything he needs to know, and she walks away. She doesn’t wait for him to say anything. She just leaves. He remains alone, crying, not understanding why his true love is leaving him. At this point, and for years later, he is haunted by the last words she says to him, which are the words of the chorus.

That is the story of “The Hardest Thing.” It’s a sad story, but it is one that I know many people can relate to.

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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