Worth the Wait

You can go through life dating all of the wrong people, until one day you find the right one, and then you realize that waiting for that one person was worth it all 🙂

Last night I posted a YouTube video of my newest song, “Worth the Wait.”


This song is dedicated to that one person who I have been waiting for my entire life. And like my song expresses, I can’t believe that I actually found him.

Most of my songs are not happy. I consider myself a pretty happy person, but for some reason, I generally don’t feel inspired unless I am unhappy. So, this song is particularly special to me 🙂

Today I went to Willie Martinez’s studio, in Madison, Wisconsin to begin professionally recording “Worth the Wait.”

Only the acoustic guitar and vocals were recorded today (because those are the only parts I have finished writing 🙂 ), and with Willie’s help, I am very happy with how it sounds so far. I hope to record the drums and electric guitar parts next week.

If you get a chance, I really hope you check out my new song on YouTube! I hope that you can relate to the song when you hear it. If you haven’t found the person you have been looking for yet, I truly hope that you find that someone. 🙂

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