Last Saturday’s Show at Hop Haus Verona

I am SO GRATEFUL that I had the opportunity to perform at Hop Haus Brewing Co in Verona, Wisconsin last Saturday. ❀️

I always have SO MUCH fun performing at Hop Haus Brewing Company. 😁

The last time I performed there was last Augustβ€”my FIRST show in over 2.5 years! πŸ’œ

Here’s a clip of me performing me original song, “Mistreat a Woman…”

Here’s a clip of me performing my original song, “One Woman Ain’t Enough.”

I am incredibly GRATEFUL for all the people who came out to the show! πŸ’™

I absolutely LOVED that people were dancing! That got me SO EXCITED! 😁

I was also SO EXCITED to see people who I’ve seen attend previous shows attend last Saturday’s! πŸ’›

I feel SO GRATEFUL to connect with people using music. 🎡

Whenever I see smiling and dancing in the audience, I am filled with IMMENSE gratitude!

It is TRULY an honor to perform for others! I am SO GRATEFUL for Hop Haus Brewing Company and all the AMAZING people that came out last Saturday!

Thank you for allowing me to share my love for music with you! πŸ’š

Wishing you well! πŸ’›