Mr. Crow and Me

Now that it’s springtime, it’s so WONDERFUL to see all the different types of birds flying in the sky, resting in trees, and sunbathing on the grass in parks. 😁

I recently saw a crow flying away with a decently-sized crabapple in its mouth. It was impressive and also beautiful. 💚

I am not a serious birdwatcher. I just enjoy watching birds when I happen to see them and feel excited when I can identify the birds I see. 😊


Do any of you participate in birdwatching?

If you are interested in learning about how to take on birdwatching as a hobby, check out the article “Birding for Beginners.” The National Park Service offers great tips, including where to find birds to watch, which bird guide to use, how to be respectful when birdwatching, and what you should consider before buying binoculars.

I recently watched an EXTREMELY entertaining Bob’s Burgers episode about birdwatching—”Crows Encounters of the Bird Kind” (Season 13, Episode 17).

In this episode, Tina Belcher is intent on earning another Thunder Girl badge and convinces Bob, her dad, to take her out birdwatching, but unfortunately, she unintentionally gets a dove killed. 😱In this episode, you get to watch Tina and Bob as they deal with the repercussions of Tina’s actions—which includes hiding in a disgusting park bathroom to avoid a park ranger. 🤣

While Tina and Bob hide from the park ranger, they hold the door slightly open to watch a crow use a tool to get food out of a log.

The end of this episode features the song “Mr. Crow and Me,” a very silly parody of “Mr. Jones” by the Counting Crows, where Tina details this experience.

Wuh huh
Mr. Crow and me
Watching from the bathroom
When I see you there bending that stick
I wanna say, “Hey.”
“Look at you bend that stick.”
Don’t wanna see a pigeon
Mr. Crow poke that log until you find something
Looks like you found a beetle?
Oh look!
Now you flew up in a tree
Mr. Crow and me

How do you like the song? Like all Bob’s Burgers‘ songs, it makes me smile. 😁

I hope this week’s song put a smile on your face and that it gets you excited to enjoy time in nature on Earth Day. 🌎

I’d love to hear about any birds you’ve recently enjoyed watching in the comment boxes below! 🦅

Wishing you well! 💚