The 2012 Creative Project Revealed!

In July of 2012, in my post, “First Day in the Recording Studio,” I shared with you that I had the honor of singing a duet with my friend, Jose Ricardo Morales, on one of the songs from the album he was currently on.

This day was SO IMPORTANT to me! I was SO HONORED to have been asked by Jose Ricardo to sing on his album! This was the FIRST time I had EVER been to a recording studio! Also, this was the first time that I got to meet Willie Martinez, the recording engineer that I later worked with on my first album, TEMPTATION!

I left the recording studio that day feeling SO EXCITED! I was still an awe that Jose Ricardo asked me to sing with him on his BEAUTIFUL song! I was still an awe that I got to go to a recording studio! I was still in awe that I found a studio at which I could record my first album! ❤

After the recording session, Jose Ricardo let me know that the song may not be released for a while because he had other projects he was working on at the time as well.

Jose Ricardo Morales

Recently, I learned that he was close to finishing the song that I had recorded with him, “We Need to Say Goodbye.” The album that this song is on has not been released yet, but Jose Ricardo gave me permission to share this song with you.

Here is Jose Ricardo Morales’ BEAUTIFUL song “We Need to Say Goodbye”:

Jose Ricardo Morales is an extremely talented vocalist and musician. Please be sure to check out his other works on Google Play, here, and iTunes, here.

I am SO EXCITED to share this song with you! I am still SO HONORED that Jose Ricardo Morales asked me to be a part of this project!

Music is my passion, and being part of this musical project was truly such an honor! ❤