Baby Stoats Save the Day

I’ve been asked why I do a weekly blog posts, and my answer is “to spread love and positivity.”

I love writing a post to share with you all each week, and I hope that each post you read makes your day a little brighter! ❤

I recently was in need of a break to reset, and since I have heard that watching videos of baby animals can be really healing, I decided to watch this video:


First of all, I had never even heard of a stoat before, but OH MY GOODNESS what an ADORABLE animal! ❤

Second, I was completely moved that this man rescues animals, helps them heal, and releases them back in the wild! ❤

Third, the music in this video was a PERFECT match for those CUTE little baby stoats moving around on their adorable tiny feet! 😀

The fun music, the adorable animals, and this animal rescuer’s passion for helping wildlife made for an extremely relaxing 4 minutes and 25 seconds. 🙂

I definitely had a smile on my face during the whole video and also have a smile on my face as I write this post. 😉

This video was from the YouTube channel The Dodo. I made the mistake of going to their channel and found that they have TONS of adorable animal videos! 😮 ❤ I will definitely check those out when I need to take a break and smile. 🙂

Do you like watching animal videos? Share your favorites below! 🙂

I hope this video and the adorable music helped you feel more relaxed and happier! ❤

Wishing you well! 💛