Songs that Move Me- “Little House”

One song that I find absolutely moving is “Little House.” “Little House” was written by the talented Marshall Altman and Amanda Seyfried.

If you haven’t heard “Little House” before, I’m sure you have heard other songs co-written by Marshall Altman, like “Home” performed by Marc Broussard and “Surrender” performed by Katharine McPhee.

The extremely beautiful and talented Amanda Seyfried has starred in movies such as
Red Riding Hood, Gone, and Jennifer’s Body.

Amanda Seyfried
Courtesy of Wikipedia and author Courtney (

I had no idea Amanda Seyfried could sing, until I was blown away by her performance in Mama Mia. When I first heard “Little House” in Dear John, the song gave me the chills. The lyrics are extremely beautiful, and paired with Amanda Seyfried’s beautiful voice, this song is extremely powerful. Whenever I hear this song, I feel happy and sad at the same time. I love listening to this song.

I loved this song so much that I wanted to learn it. From Razor & Tie Music Publishing, I was given permission to post a  cover of this song on YouTube. Although I do not perform it exactly the same way that Amanda Seyfried does, I still hope that you enjoy my cover of Marshall Altman & Amanda Seyfried’s “Little House.”

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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