Sometimes All You Need Is a Weekend Away

In continuation to “the bat story,” the new “bat man” visited my home on Friday, checked my entire home for bats, and set up the devices that allow the bats to leave my home but not return. Like before, when I thought the original “bat man” had done his job, I was told that any remaining bats should be gone within 3 days. Let’s hope my home is finally bat-free…so far so good!

As I wrote last week, this bat situation was stressing me out and giving me major writer’s block. I found a way to escape the stress: I spent a weekend away in Waupaca, Wisconsin.

I am someone who absolutely loves nature, and let me tell you, spending a weekend away in a cottage on a lake was more than satisfying. 🙂


It’s September now, and once September comes in Wisconsin, it starts getting cool.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that Spring and Summer came late this year, but the weather in Waupaca this weekend was perfect! (I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates 90 degree days in September 🙂 )

After I finished working at my day job, I traveled about 2 hours to the cottage. It’s  so dark and quiet up there at night. On the way there, there was a surprise visit from a deer. It was beautiful! (And luckily its eyes reflected the headlights, so it was easy to spot with enough time to stop and let it pass.)

After dropping things off at the cottage, I felt super hungry but didn’t have any food for dinner. Worried that  the local restaurants would be closing soon, I was happy to find out that The Wheelhouse Restaurant served food until 11pm. 🙂

The Wheelhouse Restaurant is a super cute restaurant that is famous for its amazing pizza. So of course, I ordered pizza. Let me tell you, after a two-hour road trip following a long day of work, that pizza sure hit the spot!

I love canoeing and had the opportunity to go canoeing both Saturday and Sunday. Both days were warm enough to wear a swimsuit while canoeing. I really enjoyed canoeing on Beasley Lake, Long Lake, and Columbia Lake. The first day, I wanted to go mini golfing at this super cute mini golf course off the lake, Tom Thumb Miniature Golf, but after traveling there by canoe, I found that they were closed for the season. 😦

I didn’t have any plans for my weekend away except canoeing, walking, and mini golfing. Since I couldn’t go mini golfing, I did some more canoeing. When I returned to the cottage, I found that 2.5 hours had gone by. No regrets 🙂


After a lot of canoeing, I decided I wanted some ice cream. So I walked down (and up) a beautiful wooded road over a mile until I got to Scoopers. Scoopers is a little ice cream shop next to The Wheelhouse Restaurant. I ended up getting an orange sherbet milkshake. Delicious!

On Sunday, I returned to the lakes and canoed for an hour on a beautiful September day 🙂

After canoeing, I packed up and returned home.

Getting away was a great idea! That evening. I finished writing the parts for “That’s Life.”

I’ve been practicing so that I can return to the studio soon to finish recording my 7th song and hope to spend this weekend writing so I can finally finish TEMPTATION 🙂

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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