My First Trip to Ireland

Since last week, I’ve been getting ready for this Saturday’s show.

As I wrote about last week, my song writing and recording was on a hold because I was in beautiful Ireland.

As promised, in this post I’m going to share some (I took hundreds!) of the photos I took on my trip.

I stayed in Cork, the Southern part of Ireland, and it was breathtaking! There was so much green and such beautiful architecture.

Thanks to LonelyPlanet, I found some interesting and fun things to do in Cork.

One of the things I did in Cork was visit the Cork Butter Museum. Not only did I learn about the history of Kerrygold butter, but I also learned some history about Cork. History buffs: you would enjoy this museum.

In Shandon, I visited the Church of St. Anne and got to ring the church bells.

You find a song you like from the music book in the stand on the left. Then, you pull the numbered ropes in the order that the music tells you, and there you have your song 🙂

Ringing the bells was a lot of fun! “Kum Ba Ya” was my song of choice 😉

At the top of the church there was a beautiful view of Cork.

I also visited the Cork City Gaol.

It was so fascinating! Around the jail there were figurines set up to represent former prisoners.

You could either listen to an audio narration or read a blurb about each prisoner.

The architecture was just incredible!

You also got to step inside one of the cells and close the door to see what it would have been like to live there.

In Cobh, I went to the Titanic Experience Cobh.

I highly recommend doing this. The Titanic Experience Cobh was actually inside the ticket building of the White Star Line. Everyone who goes to the exhibit gets a boarding pass with the name of someone who actually purchased his/her ticket at this building. In the exhibit, you got to see a replica of a second class and first class bedroom. (No photos were allowed in these areas.) Afterward you got to learn more about the history of the Titanic. Finally, there was a wall with tons of names. You looked for the name on your boarding pass to see if your person survived the Titanic. This part was especially sad.

In Blarney, I visited the absolutely breathtaking Blarney Castle and saw the Blarney stone.

I didn’t kiss it. However, I did watch a bunch of other people kiss it. You lay down, hold onto a bar, the castle employees hold onto you, and you kiss the stone.

In addition to the beautiful castle, there is a poison garden, a few walking trails, a beautiful waterfall where you can make a wish, and the cave of the Blarney witch.

The waterfall was just breathtaking! ❤

My experience in Ireland was amazing. I have never felt more relaxed visiting a different country. If you visit Ireland, I highly recommend doing the things that I did.

I would love to return to Ireland and and see more of the beautiful country 🙂

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