TEMPTATION’s Mastering & CD Art

On Tuesday, I received the mastered version of my songs! Look at it!

I'm not allowed to open it because the CD needs to stay protected.

I’m not allowed to open it because the CD needs to stay protected.

Are you curious to hear what is on the CD????? 🙂

Today I received the finished version of the art for my CD! A while ago, I asked all of my supporters to vote on their favorite photo for the cover of TEMPTATION. I planned on using the photo that won, but because that photo is vertical and because the album cover has to be a square, the photo didn’t look quite right. 😦 I ended up choosing one of the other photos that were in the top running in the album cover poll….I hope you like the photo that I chose!!! 🙂

I called Sooper Dooper today and set up an appointment with them to discuss the production of my CD.

This is SURREAL! I can’t believe that this day is finally coming!!!!!

Monday I have my appointment with Sooper Dooper, and I look forward to letting you all know when the physical copies of my CD will be ready!

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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