1 Week After My Dream Came True

One week ago, I got a call that my CDs were ready to be picked up! (You can read about my extreme excitement here.)

So what have I been doing now that my life long dream has come true?

Well, I am still freaking out!

I just still can’t believe that something I have wanted my whole life finally came true!

Since last week, I have been sending out prizes to my extremely AWESOME Kickstarter backers!

It was really fun to autograph a bunch of copies of my CD!


It was also super surreal! I’m signing copies of MY album? This is really happening?

Some backers also got autographed photographs with their pledges.


Signing photographs? This is really SURREAL!

On Saturday, I went to the post office to mail all of these prizes. It was so hard to believe that I was sending out MY OWN CD to people!!!!!

Some of my supporters in Madison came to get their copy of TEMPTATION, and they were excited to the extent that they wanted a picture with me and them and TEMPTATION, which made me even MORE excited!!! How awesome are my supporters?!!!!

Allison Merten Bassam Afandi

Photo Courtesy of Bassam Alfandi

Allison Merten Yas Alhumaidan

Photo Courtesy of Yasir Alhumaidan

I am just still on cloud nine! I am so excited my CD is done! And I am even more excited that I have extremely AMAZING supporters that are excited with me!

If you would like a copy of TEMPTATION, you can get one here.

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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