The Best Night of My Life

Saturday was the best night of my life! I had my CD Release Show!

The show was at The Brink Lounge, and the room I performed in was AWESOME! (It felt like a fairy tale!)

The Brink Lounge

The Brink Lounge

The Brink Lounge Jimmy Murn warming up on stage ;-)

The Brink Lounge
Jimmy Murn warming up on stage 😉

This was my first time performing on an actual stage! It was soo cool!

I was freaking out because there were signs all over the place with my name on them. What??? (I was actually shaking…and I had to take photos of these signs because…this was so surreal!)

Allison Merten CD Release Sign Allison Merten CD Release Sign2

Before the show, I warmed up with Jimmy Murn.

CD Release Allison Merten Jimmy Murn

The show started with Jimmy Murn doing songs solo and some songs with Scott Olson.

Jimmy Murn

Jimmy Murn

Jimmy Murn & Scott Olson

Jimmy Murn & Scott Olson

After Jimmy and Scott performed, I got on stage to perform some songs with Jimmy.

I was so excited about my show that I told the audience, “I am so excited right now! I could literally pee my pants!”

Allison Merten Jimmy Murn CD Release

Photo by Yasir Alhumaidan

Photo by Yasir Alhumaidan

After I got to perform with my music mentor, I performed the rest of the show solo.

It was such a cool feeling performing my songs at a show that was celebrating the release of my first CD!

Allison Merten CD Release2

Allison Merten CD Release 1

I have never felt more alive than I felt on that stage that night!

I can’t believe I actually had a CD Release Show! I’ve wanted to do music all my life, and I am finally doing it!

Not only did I get to perform at an extremely amazing venue and with an extremely talented musician, I got to perform for an extremely AWESOME audience!

This show was the most important day of my life, and I am so thankful to all of you who came to the show to support me!

This is seriously a dream come true!

Allison Merten Jimmy Murn CD Release Show2

With Jimmy Murn after Show

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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