Shedd Aquarium

Last week I was super excited about putting my music on Bandcamp! My goal is to continue to find ways to make my music accessible online, and I am still in the process of finding other ways to do this.

Since I don’t have any music updates for you this week, I wanted to share with you some photos from my trip to the Shedd Aquarium.

I hadn’t been to the Shedd Aquarium since my class went there in the fourth grade.

I was so excited to return to Chicago to visit this awesome place. It was even more amazing than I remembered!

Here’s a photo I took on a chilly Chicago morning.



I was so excited to be at the Shedd Aquarium again, after many years 🙂

Shedd Aquarium

Here’s a photo of one the many beautiful aquariums of tropical fish that you can find at the Shedd Aquarium.clown fish Shedd Aquarium I love dolphins! Unfortunately, the only photos I have of them are rather dark. They were taken at the lower level of the Shedd Aquarium.dolphin Shedd Aquarium

I thought this photo was pretty cool because there were tons of fish swimming together in a school in this huge Shedd Aquarium There were so many tanks of jelly fish! Here are some photos of a bunch of different kinds.jelly fish Shedd Aquarium jelly fish2 Shedd Aquarium jelly fish3 Shedd Aquarium

Monkeys at the Shedd Aquarium? YES!!! I was so excited to see these cute monkeys at the top of one of the tropical aquariums.monkeys Shedd Aquarium The otters were so adorable! This one was speeding around on his back with his front paws in the air. 🙂otter Shedd Aquarium It’s not the Shedd Aquarium without penguins! The penguins were one of my favorite exhibits when I visited in the fourth grade.Penguin Shedd Aquarium

At the aquatic show, I was sitting in the front row, and they brought the sea lion out…RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!!!! Seriously AMAZING!!!! (I actually think I was more excited than the children in the audience 😉 )Sea Lion Shedd Aquarium The shark exhibit was soooo cool! Unfortunately, the lighting was very dark in this area, so my photos didn’t turn out as clear as I had hoped.shark Shedd Aquarium Lastly, here’s a photo of a giant sting ray! The Shedd Aquarium has a lot of different types of sting rays in their exhibits.Sting Ray Shedd AquariumThere is so much more than this to see at the Shedd Aquarium. If you haven’t been there yet, I strongly encourage you to go! 🙂


Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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