Looking Forward to Saturday’s Show!

I’ve been busy practicing away for Saturday’s show, and I am SO EXCITED! 🙂

Here are the details:

Saturday, September 06
Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse
(1101 Williamson Street
 MadisonWisconsin 53703)
Opening for Elks Teeth & Rabbits Feet
$6 at the door

This is going to be my first time performing at this venue. It’s also going to be my first time opening for an artist I haven’t met before, which makes it even more exciting!

I always wanted to make a CD, and thanks to my amazing Kickstarter backers, I was able to do so.

I had never thought beyond my dream of making a CD because I never imagined it would come true.

Now, here I am performing at a venue I have never performed at, not because I’m opening for a friend, but because the venue thinks I will be a good fit.

I am so grateful for this opportunity! It all feels so SURREAL!!!!!!

I hope you can make it out to Saturday’s show!

If you haven’t gotten your copy of TEMPTATION yet, you can definitely get one Saturday. If we take a picture together with TEMPTATION, I will post it on my website and Facebook Page, like this picture with Emily Lin.


With Emily Lin

With Emily Lin

Come out to Mother Fool’s on Saturday for a great night of music and fun! 🙂


Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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