Happy International Guitar Month!

Yesterday marked the first of April, so it is now officially International Guitar Month!

According to Discoverguitar.com, International Guitar Month (IGM) formally ran each April, for nine years, from 1987 to 1996. Each April, the Guitar & Accessories Marketing Association (GAMA) and the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) sponsored IGM in order to help people become more interested in guitars and in becoming regular customers at guitar shops. After nine years of IGM,so that GAMA could become fully involved in their Teaching Guitar Workshops, GAMA made the decision to discontinue sponsoring IGM.

Although IGM is no longer sponsored by GAMA and NAMM, people are still celebrating International Guitar Month. Now it’s a month to celebrate guitars and guitarists.  For example, Serious XM Satellite Radio, is celebrating International Guitar Month by playing music by the absolute best guitarists.

So, how will you celebrate International Guitar Month? Will you go out and buy a guitar? Will you have super fun jam sessions with your friends? Will you listen to music by your favorite guitarists? Will you go see some live shows?

I’m going to celebrate by jamming on my guitar every day this month! 🙂 And by doing a show next weekend🐱

And to show you my love for guitars, I’ll end this post with my high school senior picture (yes, it was ages ago 😉 ), which of course I had to get taken with my guitars.

Allison Merten Senior PictureEven back then I loved my guitars! ❤

Happy International Guitar Month!

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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