Ochanomizu: A Musician’s Heaven

I recently traveled to Japan, and I decided  to do some blog posts about my awesome trip. Last week, I shared photos from my trip to Tokyo Disneyland. Check out that post here. Tokyo Disney was the part of Japan that my inner child enjoyed the most. ❤

This week, I wanted to share with you the part of Japan that the musician side of me enjoyed the most: Ochanomizu’s Music Instrument Avenue. ❤

In Tokyo, there is this line of stores where, shop after shop, you can buy guitars, gear, horn instruments, pianos, percussion instruments…if it’s music related, you’ll find it here!

I was so EXCITED to be there! There were so many things I wanted to buy! But when you carry on your luggage, you can’t very well bring back guitars with you! 😛 So, I was very limited to what I could buy. 😉

I ended up buying a new guitar strap and guitar pick from the Shimokura shop.

I’m excited to use them! 🙂

If you are a musician and are heading to Tokyo, definitely fit in a visit to music avenue!

It is a musician’s Heaven! 😀

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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