Excited About My Newest Instrument!

This week is SUPER exciting for me because I got a new instrument! Let me introduce you to my Yamaha DGX650B Full-Size Keyboard! 🙂

Allison Merten Yamaha DGX650B Full Sized Keyboard

Isn’t she just beautiful? 😀

So you’re probably wondering, why get a keyboard? Ever since I got my first guitar, when I was sixteen, guitar has been my instrument.

When I wrote songs on piano for my debut album, TEMPTATION, I used the Casio keyboard my parents had gotten me when I  was a kid. However, I didn’t use that keyboard for recording. Rather, when I recorded my songs, I used the piano at the Willie Martinez’s studio.

Up until now, I hadn’t had the desire to get a professional keyboard for performing because I had been so focused on performing with my guitar. However, now since I’m playing the piano at wedding ceremonies, I figured it was probably time to get a new keyboard. 🙂

I really enjoy my new keyboard! I need to force myself to step away from it! 😛  I’m excited to start using it at wedding ceremonies, and I hope that I can even start using it in some songs at my show!

I look forward to a weekend of jamming on my guitar and keyboard!

Wishing you a great weekend! ❤

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