C.L. Manion’s Moon

Last December, I got to be a part of C.L. Manion’s short film, “Moon.” I am excited to finally share it with you! The description of the film as is a follows: The pill taken for a headache has unintended consequences.

Before I share the film with you, I want to share with you some behind the scenes photos to give you a “taste” of wait awaits you! 😮

Let’s start with something normal, like makeup artist, Lola Hoon, putting some real flowers in my hair.

Allison Merten Lola Hoon Moon Flowers

Discussing the expectations for the “garbage in your hair” scene. 😛

Allison Merten Moon Garbage

Lola Hoon trying on the tubes/hair for size. 😉

Lola Hoon Moon Tubes

Lola Hoon with a prescription bottle on her…eye? 😮

Lola Hoon Rocket Ship

Lola Hoon painting my face like a moon. 🙂

Allison Merten Lola Hoon Moon Rocket ship

Wearing a prescription bottle on my eye while Lola Hoon awaits to apply the “goop.” 😀

Allison Merten Lola Hoon Rocket Ship


Allison Merten Moon Eyelashes

Yasir Alhumaidan getting the tarp ready for the “vomit scene.” 😉

Yasir Alhumaidan Moon Vomit Scene

Wearing a garbage bag on my lap for the “vomit scene.” 😮

Allison Merten Moon Vomit Scene

After the “vomit” scene! 😯 (Want to guess what it’s made of? It’s C.L. Manion’s recipe! 😀 )

Moon Vomit Scene

Lola Hoon doing the makeup for the “eyes” scene. 🙂

Allison Merten Lola Hoon Moon Eyes

How cool are those eyes? 🙂

Allison Merten Eyes

C.L. Manion and Lola Hoon preparing for the “fire scene.” 😎

C.L. Manion Lola Hoon Moon Fire

Lola Hoon, C.L. Manion, and me after the “fire” scene. (Fun washing that stuff out of my hair! 😉 )

Allison Merten Lola Hoon C.L. Manion Moon Fire

Well, have I piqued your interest yet? Check it out! 😛

So glad I got to participate in another one of C.L. Manion’s films. What a BLAST! 😀

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