Art Heals-And That Is What Matters

I LOVE to read about how people use different types of art to heal themselves and others. Whether you are a musician, a poet, a painter, a sculptor, a science fiction writer, etc., I firmly believe that art can heal people and bring people great happiness. ❤

Although I respect that all people are entitled to their own opinion, and although I know that if you present a type of art to a room full of people, there will always be at least one person who does not like it, I become extremely disappointed when people degrade others for expressing their art. 😦

I was extremely disappointed when I came across an article The Guardian posted that ripped apart Jim Carrey for his decision to make paintings and sculptures.

Jim Carrey Working on His Art-Photo Courtesy of Vimeo

After watching this video of Jim Carrey sharing and talking about his art, I became even more saddened that such a hurtful article was written.

There were two lines in this video that I really liked. The first was when Jim Carrey said,

 “Suddenly, six years ago at a time when I was trying to heal a broken heart, I decided, well, maybe I’ll paint.”

I think it is very brave and healthy when people choose to turn to art when they are struggling as opposed to harmful alternatives. His quote made me think of all of the songs I have written and continue to write when life gets tough. His quote also made me think of all the people I know that use different forms of art to get through difficulties.

I also liked when Jim Carrey said,

“I don’t know what painting teaches me, but I know that it just frees me.”

This quote made me think of the importance of art. Art is freeing, and art is healing. Jim Carrey creates art to be healed and free. Although the aforementioned article criticized Jim Carrey’s artistic abilities, it is clear, when you watch this video, that he does not create art for the benefit of others; he creates it for himself.

I find that writing songs and playing instruments frees me, and I know many people who use music, writing, sculpting, etc. to free themselves. If you have not yet found an artistic outlet, I hope you do. There are so many forms of art; you just have to find the one that allows you to become fully absorbed in it.

Even if people criticize the art that you create, do not listen to them. Use whatever form of art you need to in order to feel healed and free when life gets challenging. Art allows people to move forward in life. ❤

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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