The Music of Nature

Do you ever take a moment to enjoy the music of nature?

Do you ever listen to the beautiful songs of the birds? Do you notice the different tempos, volumes, and pitches of all the birds singing together?

Do you ever listen to the music that is formed by leaves rustling in the wind? Do you ever study the speed at which the leaves gently collide with one another?

Do you ever listen to the music formed by animals playing in the water? Do you listen carefully to hear the different rhythms formed by the water being moved around?

Do you ever listen to the music formed by the waves washing upon the shore? Do you ever notice how the louder the music gets, the more passionate the music becomes?

Do you ever watch nature when it’s windy? Do you notice the way nature dances to the beautiful music it creates?

Always take time out of your busy day to pause. Notice the music of nature.

Feel yourself becoming absorbed in the music. Feel yourself becoming grounded. ❤

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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