The April Fools

Happy April! 🙂

I saw some snow falling this morning. 😦 Hopefully, that will be the last of it since it is now April…COME ON WISCONSIN! 😉

This past Monday was April first. Some people get really excited about April Fools’ Day. Do you?

When I was a kid, I got excited about pranking my family, friends, and teachers. 😀 However, I remember people easily seeing through them. 😉

What do you think having a birthday on April Fools’ Day would be like?

I had never even thought about that until one of my friends from university shared with me that her birthday was April 1st. She said that she didn’t like to tell people when her birthday was. When I asked here why, she shared that her friends would give her GAG GIFTS for her birthday! 😦 Isn’t that so sad? I thought that was pretty rotten. If people want to play pranks on others on April 1st, as long as no one is getting hurt, they should feel free to play pranks. The exception is for birthday presents. That’s just rotten. 😦

This week I wanted to share a song related to April Fools’ Day. Instead of sharing a silly song about pranks, I wanted to share this BEAUTIFUL love song by Dionne Warwick that I discovered.

Check out Dionne Warwick’s 1969 song “The April Fools.”


In an April dream
Once you came to me
When you smiled I looked into your eyes
And I knew I’d be loving you
And then you touched my hand
And I learned April dreams can come true
Oh are we just April fools
Who can’t see all the danger around us
If we’re just April fools
I don’t care, true love has found us now
Little did we know
Where the road would lead
Here we are a million miles away from the past
Travelin’ so fast now
There’s no turning back
If our sweet April dream doesn’t last
Are we just April fools
Who can’t see all the danger around us
If we’re just April fools
I don’t care, we’ll find our way somehow
No need to be afraid
True love has found us now

Isn’t just lovely? ❤ I look forward to learning this song! 🙂

I hope your April is amazing! ❤

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