Last Week’s Show at the Hop Haus

Last Thursday, I had a GREAT time performing at Hop Haus Brewing Co.!

The last time I performed there was a few years ago. I took a break from performing for a while, and so it was SO GREAT to return to the Hop Haus! 🙂

This was my first 2-hour show in a REALLY LONG time! 😮

I had 32 songs prepared (original songs and some of my favorite covers). I took NO breaks, but I actually ran out of time! 😀 So, there were four songs or so that I didn’t have time to play. 😉

This was the first performance I ever did where I didn’t lose my voice. I was so excited about that! 🙂 What did I do differently? I did not talk before my show.

That’s right. My show started at 7pm, and I did not talk at all the ENTIRE day prior to my show. 😮 I was so excited that this strategy worked! 🙂

Here’s a clip of me performing my original song “Mistreat a Woman…” at the show:

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who came out to the show! Your energy was FANTASTIC! ❤

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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