Ready to Go!

I’m ready to start making sheet music for my songs 🙂

I finally got my Finale Song Writer 2012 today. I ordered it through Amazon. This is a program that helps you make sheet music. I’m really excited about it!

I originally used Musescore. Musescore is a free notation software. The free version has limited functions, but you can still do a lot with the free version. 

However, I wanted to see if there was an easier way to create sheet music. 

I tried the free trial version of Finale Song Writer, and I liked it much more than Musescore. I found Finale Song Writer to be even more user friendly than Musescore.

If you are interested in making sheet music, you should check out Musescore or try the trial version of Finale Song Writer.

I really look forward to publishing my music:-)

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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