R.I.P. Our Love

On Sunday, I posted a live acoustic version of my original song, “R.I.P. Our Love” on my YouTube Channel.


This is my fourth original song on YouTube. I still can’t believe I’m actually posting my own music…I never thought I would have the guts to do so!

Photo of me from my YouTube video "R.I.P. Our Love"

Photo from my YouTube video “R.I.P. Our Love”

The song “R.I.P. Our Love” is about accepting the death of a relationship. There is no hate toward the other person. There is no bitterness. This is simply a song about mourning. Falling asleep can be a terrible thing because you might dream about the person that you can no longer have. Being alone can be extremely painful because you realize how lost you are without that person. And seeing that person? Well, that is just heartbreaking.

No matter how much two people love each other, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. This song expresses uncertainty about what happened as well as a deep longing to be with the person that you lost. This song is also about realizing that, for whatever reason, you and that someone didn’t work out and will never work out.

Now that you know the meaning behind the song that I wrote, let me tell you about a different way people have interpreted this song. Some people believe that this song is about a literal death. They believe that one or both people in the relationship have died. I found this to be an interesting interpretation of the song. I asked how they explained the third verse of the song, which talks about seeing the person you can’t be with. They said that either one or both of the people are spirits.

When you hear “R.I.P. Our Love,” if your interpretation of it differs from my explanation of what this song means, that’s perfectly fine.

I hope this song means whatever you need it to mean in order for you to feel connected with it.

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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