One Woman Ain’t Enough

You find someone you think is amazing. You give your heart to that person, only to find out that that person is also involved with someone else…

On Sunday, I posted my sixth original song to my YouTube Channel, “One Woman Ain’t Enough.”

“One Woman Ain’t Enough” goes out to everyone who has ever been cheated on. This song is about women who unknowingly get involved with a cheater. There are two women’s stories explained in the verses of the song. The first verse talks about an amazingly gorgeous woman who is confident that she’s got control of her boyfriend. This is the cheating man’s main woman.

The second verse is about a woman who gets involved with the cheater. She doesn’t know he is already involved with someone else. She also doesn’t know that he’s going to hook up with her and then return to his main woman.

In the bridge, you find out that there are more than two women in this man’s life. He’s a super busy guy!

I would like to put a disclaimer out there: This song is not to say that all men cheat. This song is also not to say that only men cheat.

For those of you who have been cheated on, my heart goes out to you. That’s a really awful thing to have happen.

Allison Merten with Guitar

Allison Merten with Guitar

I’m in the middle of recording this song, and I plan to finish it this month. This has been one of favorite songs to record because it’s about any icky situation that many people can relate to.

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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