That’s Life

On Sunday, I posted my 7th original song to my YouTube Channel. “That’s Life” is a song about falling in love with someone who you cannot be with.

The first verse is about best friends. A guy and girl are always together, laughing and talking about everything. Eventually, the guy realizes that this girl isn’t just a friend to him. He starts to feel butterflies every time he sees her. Whenever she’s sad, his number one goal is to make her smile. Once she smiles, the whole world seems perfect to him. He really loves her, but he can’t tell her. She’s involved with someone else.

The second verse is about the guy moving on.  He accepts that he cannot be with the girl that he fell in love with, so he chooses to be with a different girl. However, this other girl cannot even compare to the one that he truly loved. This new girl makes him happy, but he always reflects on the past. He always wonders: if he would have told his best friend that he loved her, would that have changed anything? Would she have said that she loved him too? What would have happened to the guy she was involved with?

The bridge talks about how we all have this “ideal person” in our minds: there is only one person who will ever make us happy.  If we find someone who has the qualities that we believe defines our “ideal person,” and that person is involved with someone else, what do we do? Is the “ideal person” really even out there?

The third verse talks about how the girl from the first verse is no longer in a relationship.  As she reflects on her life, she thinks about her old best friend. She realizes that she loved him, but there’s no point in bringing that up now, as he is with someone else.

Although the story is sad, the song has an upbeat tempo. So, I hope that you will enjoy “That’s Life”🙂

Allison MertenPhoto by Caleb Behnke

Allison Merten
Photo by Caleb Behnke

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