A Day at Magic Kingdom

Last week, I blogged about my escape to Florida 😉 I promised you all that I would write about my day at Magic Kingdom, so here’s a little blurb with some photos about an awesome day at Magic Kingdom.

My sister and I were so excited about visiting Magic Kingdom that we arrived at 9am, right when the gates opened. The Magic Kingdom Employee that checked our tickets greeted me with a “Good Morning, Princess.” Wow! If only I could be greeted like that everyday 😉

One of the most breathtaking sights of Magic Kingdom is Cinderella’s Castle. When I was in the fifth grade, my sister and I got to eat breakfast in Cinderella’s Castle. That was such an amazing experience. Even as an adult, I really want to have that experience again!

Cinderella's Castle

Cinderella’s Castle

They made some expansions in the park since I had last been there, including Beast’s Castle!

Beast's Castle

Beast’s Castle

I absolutely love love love Beauty and the Beastand I really wanted to go inside Beast’s Castle. But, it’s actually a restaurant that required reservations. So, I wasn’t able to do that this time 😦

Speaking of my love for Beauty and the Beast, I have to admit that I was quite impressed by this Gaston!

Gaston- well done!

Gaston- well done!

We went on nearly all of the rides in the park, but I want to talk about two of my favorites. My absolute favorite is The Haunted Mansion Ride. It is sooo well done! It’s creepy and magical at the same time.

Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion Ride
You can’t beat hitchhiking ghosts 😉

My other favorite ride is the Dumbo Ride. What’s more magical than flying with Dumbo? Riding this ride made me feel like a kid again 🙂

The Dumbo Ride

The Dumbo Ride

We took a break from the traditional rides and rested on the Liberty Belle. Touring the park on this boat was just breathtaking! If you visit Magic Kingdom, you should definitely take a ride on the Liberty Belle!

Liberty Belle-a great place to relax :-)

Liberty Belle
It’s so easy to sit back and relax 🙂

We ended staying at the park until it closed, 10pm! It was a super long day, but it went by so fast! If you visit Magic Kingdom, I suggest arriving right when the gates open and staying until the park closes. You get to do and see so much!

Sorry I don’t have any pictures from Disney’s Electrical Parade, but you should know that the parade was truly incredible!

I can’t wait to return to the Magic Kingdom and actually dine in Beast’s Castle, along with also trying out the new Snow White Ride that should open next year 🙂

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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