On Cloud Nine

Wow, I am truly blown away by things that happened on Friday, I can’t contain myself!

On Friday, Maison Gustke, of Maison Meredith Photography, posted the photos from my photo shoot with her on May 26. You can check out her blog post here.

I am speechless. I’ve always dreamed of being a musician, releasing a CD, and getting photography done for the CD. I never imagined my photography to be like this. I thought it would just be me and my guitar…smiling…or something of that sort. But Maison, Maison is truly amazing. She made my photo shoot more than I could have dreamed of.

My music is emotional. Maison captured all of the emotions in my music in all of the photos that she took. She knew what locations to use and what poses and expressions I should make in order to show what my music is. I am truly impressed.

I am so lucky to have met an artist that could portray my music through photographs. Calling my photographer, Maison Gustke, “talented” is an understatement.

Allison Merten Maison Meredith Photography

Allison Merten
Maison Meredith Photography

She made the day I had been dreaming about, a day that my dreams even couldn’t dream of!!!

Not only was Friday amazing because of Maison Gustke, but my Friday was also amazing because of Jimmy Murn (of Jimmy Murn and the HeyMakers). I got connected with Jimmy through a mutual friend, and we had been corresponding via email. Since he is a well-known, experienced musician in Madison, I wanted to ask him for advice about performing. He asked if I would be interested in doing an acoustic show with him.

WHAT!??? Performing somewhere other than the basement of WESLI? Performing all of my own songs instead of covers?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I freaked out when I got the email, and tried to respond in as calm of a way as possible 😉 After I emailed him back, I thought to myself about when this show as going to happen, where it would be, etc. To my surprise, he emailed me that he had booked us an acoustic show at The Froth House on June 20. WHAT!??? Oh my goodness! It’s real! I finally get to perform just my own songs! 🙂

Friday was surreal. The results of my photo shoot turned out to be even more amazing than I could have imagined, and I got my first gig! Thank you Maison and Jimmy for making my day!

Achieving your dreams can be scary…and right now I am scared…I am super nervous…and yet SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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