My Second Show

The morning of, I was feeling ready. I had practiced a ton for my show, and I couldn’t wait to perform that night! I made a schedule about what I needed to do after I finished work in order to get ready for my show. A very important thing I had to do was nap 😉

I am definitely a night person (…don’t try to talk to me in the early morning :-)). However, once I graduated college and started working at my full-time job, I was required to wake up early and be a “people person” right a way in the morning. Making myself be a “people person” in the morning when my body says “You should still be sleeping” is a challenge. By the end of the day, I’m so pooped out that I feel sleepy around 9:30pm (so sad!). Having a show at night is perfect for a night person! But having a show after a long day of work requires an energy boost. Fortunately, I had more than enough energy at my show! Thank you ADRENALINE! 😉

I arrived at Glass Nickel Pizza Co. about an hour before my show to meet with Jimmy Murn and The HeyMakers to set up and do sound checks for the mic and my acoustic electric. (Like the nerd that I am, I got super excited to say “Testing” in the mic. 🙂 )When the show started, I felt nervous, but I had practiced so much that I wasn’t about to psych myself out!

The room was dark (hence the dark photos below. 😉 Sorry!) and I got to have spotlights on me! Last week, I blogged about how this show would be my first time performing with a mic and amp! And, let me tell you, the experience was so cool! The way the sound fills the room just rocks! I can’t wait until the day I can perform my songs with a band!!!!

Allison Merten  Photo by Mohammad Zawawi

Allison Merten
Photo by Mohammad Zawawi

After I performed by set, I got to see Jimmy Murn and The HeyMakers perform. WOW. They were incredible! They had so much energy, and their sound was amazing! Their energy was so great that a bunch of people got up and started dancing! I wanted to go up and dance too, but I felt shy… 😉 Next time!

Jimmy Murn and The HeyMakers Performing at Glass Nickel Pizza Co.

Jimmy Murn and The HeyMakers Performing at Glass Nickel Pizza Co.

My second show was an awesome experience! I am honored I was able to open for the talented Jimmy Murn and the HeyMakers, I’m excited I was able to perform with an amp and mic, and finally, I’m super stoked that I was much less nervous at this show than my first show 🙂

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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