Taking a Break at the Cave of the Mounds

Last Saturday I returned to the studio to record vocals and acoustic guitar for “Temptation.” Little by little I’m getting closer to finishing my album 😉

As part of my full-time job, I traveled to the Cave of the Mounds on Sunday and took a little break from my writing and recording.

The Cave of the Mounds is one of those things that my home state, Wisconsin, is famous for, but I feel a lot of people don’t know we have.

I enjoyed the trip to the Cave of the Mounds so much, that I wanted to share some photos with you all.

It was an extremely warm September day, and the tour inside the cool cave served as a nice contrast.

It was breathtaking in the cave!

You can see stalagmites in the photo above. There were so many stalagmites throughout the cave, and they were just gorgeous to see!

Hopefully, if you haven’t seen the Cave of the Mounds yet, you will visit Blue Mounds, Wisconsin to do so. It is truly an incredible experience!

This weekend, there’s no traveling for me. I look forward to working on writing the rest of  “Missin’ You” and returning to the studio to record the electric guitar and drums for “Beautiful Agony”.

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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