8 Songs Down!

On Sunday, I returned to Wilie Martinez’s studio to finish recording my eighth original song, “Beautiful Agony.”
Willie Martinez's Studio
I was nervous before the session because I didn’t want to screw up like the last electric guitar and drum session, where I spent ages at the studio because I couldn’t get it right. But this time went just fine, and I redeemed myself 😉

I enjoy writing music for all of the instruments for my songs, but sometimes this makes for a bit of a problem at the studio. For example, after recording the electric guitar part on Sunday, I had to take a break from recording and run through the drum part a bit because I was drumming out the electric guitar rhythm 😮

The song, “Beautiful Agony” sounds pretty cool finished. I look forward to sharing it 🙂

Now that I have 8 songs finished, I feel many pressures. I’m so close to finishing, but I can’t force myself to feel inspired on days I’m not…which leads to me being frustrated on days that I haven’t made progress on my album.

I mentioned before that I’m actually considering doing 12 songs for my album. I’m still toying with the idea, but I’m working on songs 11 and 12 to see which song if not both “fit” my debut album, TEMPTATION.

My recording engineer, Willie Martinez, recommends that I start working with Sooper Dooper to figure out the whole CD distribution thing (Yikes! I’m really making a CD!?!?). Willie recommends them because he has experience working with them for the CD production of the artists he manages.

Something else I have to decide is if I still am going to do/can do Kickstarter. A while back I wrote about how I want to use Kickstarter to help raise funds for my album.

Making a CD has always been my dream, and I believe life is too short not to strive for your dreams, so I’ve been using my savings to fund my album. These costs include: recording, album photography, the creation and distribution of the physical copies of my CD, hiring a graphic designer to create my album booklet and CD Design, the cost of mastering the songs, and the cost of registering my songs through copyright. I know some independent artists have used Kickstarter to help them fund the costs of creating an album, but I’m not quite sure how to go about that yet…

So many things to think about!!

Next week, I hope to write about at least one of the following: the 11th song I want to use on my album, returning to the studio to finish my 9th song, or deciding to try  Kickstarter.

Soooo close to my goal, don’t want to stop now! 🙂

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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