So Close to My Dream!

Things are really exciting because my CD is almost finished!!!!!!

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I finished writing the electric guitar and drum parts for “Temptation” and “Grow Up,” which means: I have nothing left to write for my album!

I returned to Willie Martinez’s recording studio this evening to record the drum parts for these two songs.

Allison Merten Recording Drums at Willie Martinez's Recording Studio

Allison Merten Recording the Drums at Willie Martinez’s Recording Studio

As soon as possible, I hope to record the electric guitar parts for “Temptation” and “Grow Up.”

Once the electric guitar parts are finished, I need to listen to all of my finished songs one last time to determine whether or not I need to rerecord any vocals.

The next step is to send my CD off to be mastered. Once I get the mastered songs, I will send them to Sooper Dooper for the physical production of the CD.

As soon as I get the physical copy of TEMPTATION, I will  send CDs to my awesome Kickstarter backers! After that, I will officially release the album 🙂

It’s sooo exciting to be sooo close to achieving my life long dream!!!

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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