My First Time Performing on Bass

Friday was an exciting night! I got to see two awesome musicians perform, and I got to perform on bass!

The Sunday before last Friday’s show, I was asked by Jimmy Murn if I wanted to be a guest musician at his show. Absolutely I wanted to!

On Sunday, I started learning the songs  I needed to know for Friday’s show. I hadn’t played a lot on my bass up until that point.

I like to practice A LOT before any performance, so last week, after spending each day at my full-time job, I spent all of my free time practicing.

Once I got the songs memorized, I decided to start practicing while standing, as that’s how I would be performing. However, I  hadn’t realized how much heavier the bass was than the acoustic until I started practicing while standing.  But, by the end of the week, the weight of the guitar didn’t phase me. (I attribute that to  weight lifting 😉 )

The show on Friday was at the Glass Nickel Pizza Co. I was very excited! (As you can see in the photo below 😉 )

Allison Merten

The show started with Teddy Davenport. Teddy has a fantastic voice, is a very skilled guitarist, and can play the harmonica and guitar together!

Teddy Davenport

Teddy Davenport

He’s got great songs! You can listen to some of Teddy’s songs here.

After Teddy performed, Jimmy Murn came on stage to do his set.

Jimmy Murn

Jimmy Murn

You can listen to some of Jimmy’s music here.

After he performed a few songs, I got called on stage to perform songs on bass with him. It was a lot of fun!

With Jimmy Murn

With Jimmy Murn

I also got to do some backup vocals 🙂

With Jimmy Murn

With Jimmy Murn

It was so nice to be on stage again after two months of not performing!

I feel very grateful to have a friend like Jimmy Murn. He is my music mentor. 🙂 He challenges me, and he helps me become a stronger musician.

He believed in me that I could learn songs and be ready to perform them in four days. (I was more than a bit nervous about this!) But, I was able to do it! 🙂

I hope to perform again soon!


Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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