I traveled to Lodi, Wisconsin last week for a performance in a barn at  Whistling Valley Farm, a farm famous for their alpacas. Thus, the event was called: Alpacapalooza 🙂

Allison Merten Alpacapalooza5

I arrived early enough before my performance that I was able to go out to the alpaca fields and pet some alpacas!

Alpacapalooza2 Alpacapalooza6 Alpacapalooza3 Alpacapalooza4 Alpacapalooza1

They were so pretty and so soft! Most of them were very shy, so I wasn’t able to get a picture with them, but I did get a picture with them behind me 😉

Allison Merten Alpacapalooza

One of the baby alpacas, Star Maker, was very friendly and was following around one of the people in the group that I was with in the alpaca fields. I was so jealous! 😉 I absolutely wanted to be followed around by a baby alpaca! Who wouldn’t? 🙂

Alpacapalooza Star Maker

After I got to see the alpacas, I performed 🙂 It was so nice to perform my music again! I hadn’t performed my songs since my CD Release Show almost 4 months ago!

Allison Merten Alpacapalooza2 Allison Merten Aplacapalooza3 Allison Merten Alpacapalooza1 Allison Merten Alpacapalooza Allison Merten Alpacapalooza4

I got to open for Teddy Davenport and  Rustic Road.

Rustic Road Alpacapalooza

Rustic Road

Their music was fantastic! The guitar solos were phenomenal!

After my performance, I got to meet Poncho, the mini donkey.  I absolutely LOVE performing, and  I also absolutely LOVE animals, so I am unsure which was the highlight of my night! 😉

In order to get to pet Poncho, we had to wait for him to be retrieved. The person who went to retrieve him had to sneak past this sassy, spitting alpaca male. Look at how sassy he is!


Twister –Lodi Alpacas

He was just  running back and forth along the fence waiting to spit on all of us!


Twister- Lodi Alpacas


While I was waiting for Poncho to be brought our way, I enjoyed watching one of the other alpacas continuously chew on the fence bar.

Alpacapalooza Chewing on the Fence2 Alpacapalooza Chewing on the Fence1Was it salty? 😉

Finally, Poncho came over to us, after a close encounter with Twister.

Twister & Poncho

Twister & Poncho

And I was SO EXCITED! (as you can see 😉 )

Allison Merten and Poncho Alpacapalooza

Last Saturday was so much fun! I got to perform, listen to great music, and hang out with animals! What beats that? 🙂

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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