Grow Up

On Monday, I posted the acoustic version of my original song, “Grow Up” on my YouTube Channel.

You can watch the video here:

You can check out the lyrics here.

I recently celebrated the one year anniversary of my debut album, TEMPTATION.You might wonder why I waited until now to post this video. Well, the answer is: I forgot about it! 😳

Because I perform on my acoustic guitar, I wanted to have an acoustic version of each of my original songs on my YouTube Channel and website.

Allison Merten at Mother Fool's Photo by Amber Sebastian

Allison Merten at Mother Fool’s
Photo by Amber Sebastian

However, because “Grow Up” was one of the last songs I recorded on my album, and because I was so busy wrapping up my first album, I completely forgot that I never posted a video of “Grow Up.” 😦

So now that you know why I waited ages to post this video, let me tell you the story behind this song.

This song is about being frustrated with the person you are with because that person is not meeting your needs. 😡

The first verse talks about how you are hesitant to get into another relationship, but you find someone who convinces you to get into another relationship. In the beginning of the relationship, you feel that the relationship is wonderful and that you are happy with your decision to get involved with someone new. But after a while, you start thinking about how your needs are not being met and how your partner is not making an effort to meet your needs.

The chorus talks about how you want your partner to be mature and listen to what you are asking for. You tell your partner that if your needs are not met, you will leave.

The second chorus talks about how your partner promises to do what you have asked, but you are continuously disappointed when those promises are broken. You want your partner to take the relationship as seriously as you take it.

The bridge talks about how you are sick of waiting for this person to be mature enough to realize that changes need to be made in your relationship in order for your relationship to still exist.

The last chorus talks about how you expressed to your partner that you needed changes to be made and that because those changes were never made, you are leaving your partner.

I’m sure there are some people out there who can relate to this song. I hope you enjoy it 😛

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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