My Interview with the Writer and Director of “Horoscope”

Last month, I wrote about how I had the opportunity to participate in a short film. Well, the short film is finished!

Check out the short film, “Horoscope” here:

Here are some photos from the day we shot the film:

What a Beautiful Bouquet! ;-)

What a Beautiful Bouquet! 😉

Me with the Celery Bouquet :-P

Me with the Celery Bouquet 😛

The "Horoscope" Team Kathleen McCarthy, Taylor Peters, Allison Merten, Caleb Behnke

The “Horoscope” Team
Kathleen McCarthy, Taylor Peters, Allison Merten, Caleb Behnke

I hope you enjoyed the short film and photos from the shoot. I want to share with you my interview with “Horoscope” writer and director, C.L. Manion.

AM: What does it feel like to have finished your first short film?

CM: Great!  I’m really happy with how it turned out, the cast and crew were fantastic.  Plus, this is a really exciting start.  Now that we’ve shown we can make a film, we can start to play with it and expand little by little into more elaborate things.

AM: What inspired you to write this film?

CM: The horoscope in the paper.  I read one not long ago that said something similar to what we have in the film.  I thought the fact it said ‘healthy snacks’ was really unusual, not to mention kind of unromantic.  The possibility of that backfiring was really funny to me – and simple enough to turn into a zero-budget short film.

AM: On the day of the shoot, what was it like to see your story brought to life?

CM: A little surreal.  It’s strange to see actual people embody characters that, previously, only existed in my head or on the page – y’know?  All of the sudden it’s alive.

AM: What was your favorite part of shooting this film?

CM: Probably the fact that we were shooting at all.  This is the first film I’ve actually tried to make, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to find people who would a) want to be involved, and b) work for this particular story.  The project could’ve been dead in the water – everybody could have been like ‘meh, no thanks.’ But instead, they were really enthusiastic about it – for which I am incredibly grateful.

AM: What was the most challenging part of shooting this film?

CM: Writing can have its challenges, but producing is the real trick.  Producing requires finding everyone and everything you’ll need for the film – actors, locations, props, etc.  There are lots of details to go through before you start filming, even for something as simple as ‘Horoscope’.  Lots of schedules to coordinate.  Lots of emails.

AM: When do you hope to release your next film?

CLM: Ideally?  Maybe July, but we’ll see…

AM: Where can people go to stay up to date on your latest works and films?

CLM: All of my work gets posted on my website:  You can also follow me on Twitter @C_L_Manion for additional tidbits.

Make sure to follow C.L. Manion. She is a very talented writer! 🙂

After the Shoot! Allison Merten, C.L. Manion Horoscope

After the Shoot!
Allison Merten, C.L. Manion

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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