Lights, Camera, Action!

All week long, I’ve been preparing for my next opportunity to act! This Saturday, I get to be in C.L. Manion’s short film, “Moon.” I’m really excited about this opportunity because the script has been so much fun to practice!

I’m excited to work with writer/director C.L. Manion and cameraman Yasir Alhumadain again!

Here are some photos of us when we worked on Manion’s short film, “About Relationships,” and my music video, “Temptation.”

This Saturday’s film,”Moon,” is much different than Manion’s other short films, “About Relationships,” and “Horoscope.”

In “Moon,” there is only one actor…me! (Eek! 😉 ) This movie is also going to have some crazy makeup and hair. I can’t WAIT for you to see it! 🙂