Songs Make a Scrapbook of Our Lives

Have you ever thought about how awesome the power of songs are? Have you ever thought about how amazing it is that when you hear a song, your mind makes you travel back to a time in the past?

Think about Christmas songs, for example. Whenever I hear the Christmas songs that I grew up hearing, I am brought back to my childhood and re-experience the excitement that I felt about Christmas. 😀

Where does your mind go when you hear “Pomp and Circumstance”? You think of graduation, but are you overcome with feelings of sadness, remembering how you felt about moving on to the next stage of your life and leaving behind your friends? Or, are you overcome with excitement as you remember how happy you were to be done with school? 😉

I find songs to be just like a scrapbook. Sometimes, memories stay locked away until a song unleashes them.

Last week, I posted a recording of the first song I ever wrote. (You can listen here. I was in the 5th grade 😉 ) When I listened to this recording prior to writing last week’s blog post, it made me remember how excited I was to sing a song that I wrote and have it recorded. After I recorded it, the recording studio at Six Flags Great America played the recording over the loud speaker in front of the studio. I remember how embarrassed I felt that people could hear my song 😳

Whenever I hear the recorded version of my song “Like They All Did,” I am brought back to the first time I recorded this song for my debut album. I remember how nervous I was about recording and how my hands were so sweaty when I was recording the guitar parts that they were just slipping around on my guitar 😛

Recording the Electric Guitar Parts at Willie Martinez’s Recording Studio

Whenever I hear “Last Time” by the Rolling Stones, I am brought back to the first time I had the opportunity to perform on bass, and how exciting it was to play the bass line of this song! 🙂

Think about how songs create a scrapbook for your life. What songs bring back good memories? What songs bring back bad ones? What about your favorite songs? What memories do they bring back?

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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