Throwback Thursday: My First Song

This is my first blog post where I’m participating in the Throwback Thursday. I thought it would be fun to share with you the recording of the first song I ever wrote. It’s called “Flying.” I wrote it in the fifth grade, and I was ELEVEN years old. Please keep this in mind when listening to the song 😉

I only wrote lyrics and a melody for this song, and I recorded it at Six Flags Great America when the theme park used to have a “recording studio” called Big Time Recording Studios. For more of the story behind the song, please check out my blog post “How Did It All Start?”.

I was excited to post this song on my blog and was looking ALL OVER the place for the CD, when finally I asked myself Could it have been on a tape? Sure enough, the recording was on a cassette tape.

Allison Merten Flying

In order to upload it to my blog, I had to play the cassette tape in my aged cassette player and use my iPod to record the song. That’s why the recording isn’t the best quality. While I was recording this song on my iPod, in a quiet part of my home, I was told that it sounded like there was a creepy ghost child hiding in the house. 😛

So, here it is: the first song I ever wrote 🙂


Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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