Staying True to My Songs

You might be wondering why I haven’t posted about upcoming shows or new songs for a while. Unfortunately, my creativity gets blocked when life gets crazy, and for quite a while it has been pretty crazy. The good news is that I have made some life adjustments, and my creative side seems to have become unblocked. I’ve actually started writing songs again, and I’m really excited for the day that they will be ready for you to hear! 🙂

A challenge that I’m facing with writing  songs for my next album is one that I faced when I wrote songs for my first album. The challenge I face is trying to stay true to my songs.

When so many of the popular songs nowadays have very few lyrics and are extremely repetitive, it makes me second guess what I write and makes me feel that maybe people won’t like my songs.

I remember having this concern when I first started posting my songs on YouTube. (You can read about when I posted my first original song on YouTube here.) Here’s a photo of me from that time:


I want to write songs about what I want to write about. But thoughts go through my mind like Is this too simple? Is this boring? What will people think when they hear this? Is this too sad? Is this corny? and more…

Despite all these questions, I try my best to write the songs that want to write with the hope that my listeners will appreciate them. My songs are written with passion and are not just copy cats of whatever is popular.

I hope that I will be ready to share one of my new songs soon. 🙂

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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