Leap Day 2016

This past Monday was Leap Day. I get excited about Leap Day because you get one EXTRA day! People often complain about there not being enough time. Well, I look at Leap Day as an opportunity to do those things you feel you don’t have enough time to do!

In February, I wrote about how I was using February Album Writing Month to inspire me to work on/complete more new songs. I also wrote about how I was struggling with writing new songs because inspiration is something that I cannot force. However, I did use FAWM to motivate me to write a really short, fun song: my song about Leap Day! 🙂

Check it out here:

It’s super short, but I hope it made you smile! 😀

I thought “Leap Day” was the only song I’d “complete” in February, but I was wrong! 🙂

When Leap Day arrived, I told myself that I wanted to use this extra day to finish one of the songs that I’ve been working on. And you know what? I did!

I can’t wait to share my new song with you!

Sometimes all we need is just a little time, and things eventually come together! 🙂

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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