My First Show at The Tip Top Tavern

Last Thursday was my first show at The Tip Top Tavern! It was SO MUCH fun! 😀

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the venue! 🙂

Photo by AJ Forst

Photo by AJ Forst

I got to play for 2 hours and really appreciated the energy of the audience! 🙂


Photo by Caleb Behnke

Some people were singing along and others were dancing. That made the performance even more fun! 😀

I was especially excited about my show at The Tip Top Tavern because I got to perform on my electric guitar! 😮

Photo by Caleb Behnke

Photo by Caleb Behnke

I’ve had my electric guitar since high school, recorded with it for my album, TEMPTATION, but actually never performed with it!

Photo by Caleb Behnke

Photo by Caleb Behnke

The electric guitar brings out a completely different level of energy, and it was so much fun to perform with both of my guitars on Thursday! ❤

Photo Caleb Behnke

Photo by  Caleb Behnke

Thank you to the great audience at The Tip Top Tavern! It was wonderful performing for you all! 🙂

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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