Happy Fall Y’all!

Today is the first day of fall! Happy Fall Y’all! 😀


One thing that I absolutely love about Wisconsin is that it has four wonderful seasons! (Well, winter can be wonderful…as long as it does not get too cold and does not stick around too long. 😉 )

I appreciate the beauty of each season in Wisconsin. In fall, I LOVE the beautiful changing leaves.

I love the smell of the autumn and hearing the crunch of the leaves as I go hiking!


Although, I am not a kid anymore, I also enjoy jumping in the leaves! 😀


I love going to pumpkin patches and of course carving pumpkins for my favorite holiday, Halloween. 🙂


I am excited to enjoy the beautiful changes we will start to see in nature.

I look forward to being inspired and continuing to work on new songs.

Enjoy this beautiful season! ❤

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