Monster Mash

It’s October, and as I wrote about last week, I have been listening to my Halloween station on Pandora in order to get into the “spirit of the season.” 😉


One song that often plays on my station is, Bobby Pickett’s  “Monster Mash.” I love when this song comes on! I love to get up and do a silly dance! 😉


I thought that this was just a goofy song for Halloween, but when I did some research about this song, I learned that this song is actually a parody!1

According to Steve Greenberg, in his article,“50 Years of ‘Monster Mash’: The Story Behind the Halloween Hit,” this song parodies the obsession people had with monster movies as well as the popularity of The Twist.


I also learned from this article that the way Bobby Pickett sings the majority of the song is supposed to mimic Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s monster, but when you hear Pickett’s accent switch to that of a Transylvanian vampire, he is mimicking Bela Lugosi as Dracula.


Well, now I know why this very unique song exists! 😉

I had never seen what Bobby Pickett looked like when he performed this song until I found a video of one of his live performances. I was very surprised by the video I found. Bobby Pickett was wearing a suit and contorted his face the entire song! I was so entertained by the monsters he embodied! 😀

I hope you enjoy the “Monster Mash” just as much as I do! 🙂


Greenberg, Steve. “50 Years of ‘Monster Mash’: The Story Behind the Halloween Hit.” billboard, 31 Oct. 2012, Accessed 13 Oct. 2016.1

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