“In the Still of the Night”

Happy Thursday! 🙂

To continue this month’s theme of love songs, this week, I wanted to write about another one of my favorites, The Five Satins’ “In the Still of the Night.” ❤


Songwriters: Hoagy Carmichael / Jo Trent

© Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

In the still of the night
I held you
Held you tight
‘Cause I love
Love you so
Promise I’ll never
Let you go
In the still of the night
I remember
That night in May
The stars were bright above
I’ll hope and I’ll pray
To keep
Your precious love

Well before the light
Hold me again
With all of your might
In the still of the night
So before the light
Hold me again
With all of your might
In the still of the night
In the still of the night

This 1956 song was The Five Satins’ best-selling hit. I love this song because it is hauntingly beautiful! I’m not sure if other people also find the song to be somewhat haunting. My opinion of this song was definitely influenced by the first time I remember hearing it.

As I’ve written about before, Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! ❤ When I was growing up, I loved watching the TV show, “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” I used to think the show was so spooky! 🙂

My favorite episode of this series was “The Tale of the Prom Queen,” which was about a girl who doesn’t know that she is a ghost. At the end of the episode, “In the Still of the Night” begins playing when she realizes that she is a ghost and suddenly transforms her appearance from one in which she is wearing modern clothes to wearing the 1950’s prom dress she was wearing the night she was killed in a car accident. Her ghost boyfriend slowly drives up in his ghost car to pick her up, and they disappear.

Does this change your interpretation of the song “In the Still of the Night?” 😉

For more love songs, check out my posts about “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and “I Got You Babe.” ❤

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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