Schoolhouse Rock

On NPR, I saw that Bob Dorough, the musician most famous for Schoolhouse Rock had died.
This news made me think about how great Schoolhouse Rock was and how, thanks to Dorough and others’ talent, Schoolhouse Rock had a positive impact on children.
Although Schoolhouse Rock was made in the seventies and eighties, I remember my teachers wheeling in the TV, so we could watch the Schoolhouse Rock VHS tapes during Math, English, Science, and Social Studies.
Although we watched so many of them, as an adult, I can only remember some of the lyrics for two:
1) Dorough’s “Three is a Magic Number”

2) “Interjections”

I’m not sure why these two songs are the ones I can somewhat still sing along with. Maybe my teachers played them multiple times? πŸ˜‰
The Schoolhouse Rock videos were so valuable because they made learning easy and fun.
Do you have a favorite Schoolhouse Rock video?

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