“I’ve Rediscovered the Passion for Music”

In October of last year, NPR did an interview with Steve Perry, the former lead singer of the band Journey, which you can access, here. When the interview aired on the radio last fall, I remember how excited I was to hear that Perry was doing music again because he is extremely talented!

The interview talks about how in 2014, Steve Perry had his first performance in almost two decades! Last October, Perry released his album, Traces, his first solo album in over two decades!

Check out the song, “No More Cryin'” from his new album:


Well she told me, That she loved me
That was not so long ago
Love’s forsaken and forgotten
On this lost and lonely road

She could ease my complications
Hold me up when I was Low, Low
That was all so long ago

No More, Cryin’
Cause I Won’t love again
I Won’t, No I Won’t
No More, Cryin’
Cause I Won’t love again,
I Won’t, I Won’t, I Won’t

I’m so free, I need nobody
No more lies, No surprises, No confrontations
It’s a peaceful life, behind closed doors
In the dark of the night, I start to remember
That was all so long ago

No More, Cryin’
Cause I won’t love again
I Won’t, I Won’t, I Won’t

When you told me, You really want me
I was all by myself, Oh, Oh
Then you told me, That you loved me
And there is nobody else


Won’t, I Won’t, Won’t, Won’t
Won’t, I Won’t

I Won’t, Won’t, I Won’t
I Won’t, Won’t, I Won’t
……… I Won’t

My favorite quote from this interview is of Perry saying, “My new life … is going to be about recording anything that comes to my heart because I’ve rediscovered the passion for music and it’s something I don’t want to let go of ever again.”

When I heard this interview last fall, I remember feeling sad because it had been a long while since I had done any performances.

After my recent performance at the High Noon Saloon (Check out clips from the show, here.), I recalled this interview with Perry.

I can’t believe that my show at the High Noon Saloon this month was the first time I had performed in over 2 years! 😦 Sometimes life gets a little crazy, and it gets difficult to do the things that we love.

Perry’s quote about focusing his music on whatever “comes to heart” and not wanting “to let go of [music] ever again” really resonated with me. When I performed at the High Noon Saloon, I focused on performing the songs that I felt really passionate about, as opposed to the songs I thought people would want to hear. Focusing on what “comes to heart” is not only something I am keeping in mind when I perform, but it is also something I am keeping in mind as I write new songs.

My goal for this year is to perform because I feel passionate about it. In the past, I tried to fit in as many performances as I could, but I started to get burnt out.

I love performing for others, and I feel sad that I took such a long break from performing. I’ve had this weird relationship with music my whole life where I am 100% dedicated to it, but then I find myself taking a break from it.

I really look forward to doing another performance and sharing new songs with you in the near future. ❤

Steve Perry’s interview really inspired me. Can you think of any passions that you have that you have put on the back burner? What things can you rearrange in your life so that you are able to make time for the things you love?

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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