Are You The One?

Happy February! It’s time for LOVE songs! ❤

One of my favorite shows is Bob’s Burgers (as I shared in my post “Burgers and Fries”). Some people take love very seriously, like one of the show’s main characters Tina Belcher. 😉

This week’s love song is Tina’s song “Are You the One.”


The briefest of glances

Can start the biggest romances

Our eyes were doing the dances

And they were making advances

When our eyes met

I was like, hey, now, I bet

That Joe could be the one

Are you the oooooooooonnnnnneeeeeeee?!!

This clip makes me burst out laughing! 😀

Tina is one of my favorite characters, but I often feel bad for her because she is extremely eager to have someone be in love with her, and it often results in her lowering her standards.

Some people get really excited about Valentine’s Day and making sure to have someone to spend it with. I just hope that they keep their standards high. ❤

I hope this song brought a smile to your day! 🙂

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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