Woman Playing the Guitar-Renoir

I admire artists of all kinds and really enjoying looking at different types of art and thinking about how the art makes me feel or what the artist was feeling when they were creating the it.

I recently came across Pierre-Auguste Renoir‘s Woman Playing a Guitar  (Joueuse de Guitare) from 1896.

This painting is extremely beautiful! I love the different colors that Renoir used in this painting and all of the details he included. The woman in the painting looks so peaceful. Her face and body look deeply relaxed as she plays the guitar, and she holds the guitar as if it is a part of her body. I love this painting because she is completely connected with her guitar at this moment.

When I look at this painting, it brings me peace and happiness. I enjoy this painting because I can connect with it on a deep level.

When I play my guitar, I feel that my guitar is a part of me. Playing guitar is so peaceful, and it can be an experience that you feel throughout your whole body if you allow yourself to just focus on the music you are creating and nothing else.

I wanted to write about Renoir’s painting this week because I’ve been practicing every day for my upcoming show:

When? Thursday, October 24, 2019
Where? Hop Haus Brewing Co. (231 S Main St, Verona, Wisconsin 53593)
What Time? 7 PM – 9 PM CST
Admission? FREE!

Unlike when I have practiced for shows in the past, this time I am allowing myself to completely connect with my guitar every time I pick it up and play it. 

Renoir’s Woman Playing a Guitar serves as a reminder that it is important to surrender yourself to the art that you create. ❤

How do you feel when you look at Renoir’s painting?

Thoughts? Please post them :-)

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